Vanessa O’Malley: you ROCK!

girls+rock+climbing+clothinggirls+rock+climbing+clothing© Zdenek Strychek

Hi!  How’s your week at work going?  What’s the weather like outside?  Planning to get out there on the rock to crush it this weekend…?

Here’s a bit of inspiration for you – meet Vanessa O’Malley.  She’s on fire at the moment; mentally in the zone and busy dancing her way up some very tough sports routes… Continue reading


Sarah Wolfe: YOU ROCK!


girlcrushrock is hyper-psyched to introduce you to our brand new feature the you rock series!

We all love to keep up to date with the pro’s who are doing their thing to push this super-sport to new levels, they provide us with the motivation and inspiration to challenge ourselves further.  The truth is, however that the  girls who get to  live life as a full time climber, sponsored by the world’s best brands and traveling constantly to far flung corners of the earth on voyages of crag discovery are in the minority.

Most of us are managing full time jobs, or busy raising families, or even both! In addition to that women all over the world of all ages, shapes and sizes are climbing when we can (and it never feels like enough!) chasing the weather to get our weekend fix, rocking up to the local climbing gym with friends straight from the office, taking our little nippers for their climbing lesson after school….  Every second, of every day, everywhere there are ‘ordinary’ women doing ‘extra-ordinary’ things out there clipping bolts, plugging cams, stacking pads or crushing ice.

And that, is precisely what the girlcrushrock you rock series is all about.  We bring to you new friends to connect with, women you can relate to, girls you can share your climbing stories and experiences with.  Because each and every one of you out there rocks!

We’d love to include you in this series, if you are interested, please get in touch with us by emailing us at

Now, the first special lady we bring you, all the way from Durham, North Carolina in the United States of America is…………………….Sarah Wolfe! Click below to meet Sarah. Continue reading

TEAMgirlcrushrock NEWS: Hannah’s crushing it in the Tri-Service Bouldering League!

womens+rock+climbing+clothingwomens+rock+climbing+clothing© Thomas Moulder

All members of TEAMgirlcrushrock hold down full time day jobs as well as managing their climbing crush.  We say to that…. R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Our girl Hannah somehow manages to be a squaddie in the British Army, a student studying for a degree and still finds time for her girl crush for climbing!  Recently, she took part in the second round of the Tri-Service Bouldering League – where peeps from the army, navy and RAF get together to see who’s hang tough enough! Continue reading

Rockstar Interview: Jen Olson


Jen Olson has a lifestyle that many of us would dream of. She’s a professonal climber and an ACMG/IFMGA mountain guide living and working in Canada.  Jen can be super-proud of her achievements; including a number of big wall first ascents in Pakistan, waterfall ice climbs in the remote Icefall Brooke region of the Canadian Rockies and more firsts in Alaska.

This year, she secured herself 17th place in the World Cup Ice Climbing in Saas Fee, Switzerland.  Jen is now focusing on her next goal – to compete again in the 2013 World Cup Ice Climbing.  With over 20 years of rock and ice climbing behind her no-one can doubt this athlete’s passion, dedication and commitment the vertical world.

Jen’s currently engaged in an intensive training schedule and promotional campaign, but whilst she paused for breath, Jen was happy to spend some time hanging out with girlcrushrock. Continue reading

Rockstar Interview: Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

womens+rock+climbing+clothingwomens+rock+climbing+clothing© Jon Butters

Mina is out there crushing with the best of them as part of the British Bouldering Team.  She’s dedicated her life to her love of the sport and still at 25, she’s managed to rack up 17 years of climbing experience!   She recently climbed a classic sport route called Mecca, the mid life crisis at Ravens Tor in the UK.  Get this girls… the route is graded at F8b+.  Whoooosh!  That makes Mina the first ever British female climber to climb at that grade in Britain, and the second British female to climb that grade anywhere in the world.  At this point she could hang up her boots and be more than satisfied with her self, but this girl has more drive than a Formula 1 car – she’s a woman on a mission to explore, experience and grow as both a climber and a person.  She was rained off for a few days on a recent trip to Yosemite unfortunately.  Yet alas!  Here was our chance to hang and swing with Mina for a few mins….

Continue reading

Rockstar Interview: Hazel Findlay


The ULTIMATE climber, this girl of the moment barely needs an introduction.  Currently out chossaneering along the Mussandam Peninsula in Oman on a North Face Exploration Trip with the likes of Alex Honnold, girlcrushrock made it our mission to score a quick chat with this bold, extremely talented but super-down to earth british rockstar.  Awesome… Continue reading

Rockstar Interview: Tori Allen


Sometimes it’s hard to relate to professional athletes when you are not one yourself.  When you’re sat behind your desks, dreaming of being in the mountains or down at the climbing gym, the lucky few are out there crushing it all day, every day.  Equally, for pro rockstars -the thought alone of earning a living any other way might be too horrifying to even consider for a second.

Tori Allen was just 14 years old when she grabbed Gold in the Speed Climbing Category at the X-Games, in 2002. Fast forward to 2012, where girlcrushrock was honored to hang out with the wonderfully humble, and incredibly inspiring Tori, who has experienced more in the last 10 years than others have in a lifetime – and we’re not just taking about her climbing.

For anyone out there who has a dream, or for any pro’s wondering what life might exist beyond climbing, you might like to read on… Continue reading

TEAMgirlcrushrock Athlete Bio: Maddie Stocks

womens+rock+climbing+clothingwomens+rock+climbing+clothing© Rachael Garnerwomens+rock+climbing+clothing


Tell us what climbing means to you?

Climbing has become one of the most important things in my life. I value it in many ways. I enjoy the social aspect and I love how easily through the common ground I can connect with different people and make lasting friendships. One of my favourite things about climbing is the fact that you can explore and travel to amazing places in the world. I love how it challenges me physically and mentally and it is something I can really channel my energy into. I can forget about the pressures and stresses of life when I am climbing, whether I’m on real rock or crushing plastic.
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Running and Retching

womens+rock+climbing+clothingwomens+rock+climbing+clothing© Eileen Muir

Whooop! The public holiday for Eid here in Dubai meant both the Thursday and Sunday off work.  Perfect I thought  –  4 straight days of doing what I love, camping and climbing, with a 10km run thrown into the mix for extra fun.  I was psyched.  After work on Wednesday, 4 of us plus the dog headed out to Ras Al Khaimah.  For 1 of the girls – Charlotte who was visiting us from the UK, it was to be her first time climbing on real rock and her first time camping in the UAE.

The traffic was awful, it took us ages to get out of the city, but we got there eventually, although finding the campsite (a.k.a – a lesser rockier patch than normal) that was secluded behind one of the many mountains, and that we’d only visited once or twice before in the pitch black, wasn’t as easy as we’d hoped.  After a few u-turns and reverses, we found it, set up camp, lit the fire, cooked some food and chilled our boots!  Well, 3 of us did – to say that Charlotte was a little freaked out by the deadly silence, the harsh terrain and the lack of civilization was an understatement! Continue reading