TEAMgirlcrushrock Athlete Bio: Maddie Stocks

womens+rock+climbing+clothingwomens+rock+climbing+clothing© Rachael Garnerwomens+rock+climbing+clothing


Tell us what climbing means to you?

Climbing has become one of the most important things in my life. I value it in many ways. I enjoy the social aspect and I love how easily through the common ground I can connect with different people and make lasting friendships. One of my favourite things about climbing is the fact that you can explore and travel to amazing places in the world. I love how it challenges me physically and mentally and it is something I can really channel my energy into. I can forget about the pressures and stresses of life when I am climbing, whether I’m on real rock or crushing plastic.

Do you clip bolts, plug cams, stack pads, or crush ice?

At the moment I sport climb and boulder, and though I have done a small amount, trad is definitely something I would like to explore further. My goal is to be able to comfortably lead nice long multi-pitch trad routes (HVS) by the end of 2013.

How’s the climbing and climbing scene in your local area?

The climbing in the UAE/Oman is growing. More people are climbing every year and the popularity is increasing. The weather is fantastic for outdoor climbing 5/6 months of the year and there are lots of sport and trad routes to go at for those climbing grades f5 – f7a. There is also plenty of opportunity to bolt new lines and grab first ascents. The DWS is great and has attracted attention from professional climbers; there are many lines and areas recorded and still potential for new development. There are a couple of training walls but the city still lacks a proper training facility. When we have one of those then the scene will flourish.

Where is your favorite place to climb in the world and why?

I haven’t climbed in as many places as I would have liked, the list of places to go is as long as my arm! But so far without a doubt it’s Siurana – Spain. Because of the climate (it hardly rains), the people (super hospitable and friendly), the food (delicious and healthy), the overwhelming amount of lines (1800 just in that very location if I’m not mistaken), the scenery and nature (forest and rivers for miles around) and the world class climbing and climbers all hanging and swinging together. It’s magical.

Who do you usually climb with?

I usually climb on the weekends with my partner, there’s no better belayer! Then during the week I train with my buddies.

What goes through your mind whilst you are on the rock?

Usually I am focusing on climbing the route efficiently. I used to be too obsessed with this, and sometimes that meant I would climb too slow and would fail on the route from getting too pumped. So now I try and focus on my feet and on keeping my arms straight whilst reading the route in order to be able to keep moving!

Talk is through your most memorable ‘send’? We want all the beta!

My most memorable send was finally managing to get to the top of a 6c+ in my first season climbing. At the time it was way too hard for me and I projected it for 6 months, falling and falling at the crux. I felt so relieved and so psyched when I finally made it to the top…..honestly, I never want to climb that route again!!!

womens+rock+climbing+clothing© Chris Pike

What was your most scary climbing experience?

When I did my first multi-pitch sport route, in my first year of climbing with an experienced climber. We were 3 or 4 pitches up when he dropped his belay device. I absolutely shit my pants and in my head we were screwed. He reassured me we were ok, he had a spare and otherwise could use a hitch to belay from, but my heart jumped out of my chest when I saw it tumbling down the rock face and out of view!

When you are not climbing, what are you doing?

I am usually thinking about climbing, watching someone climbing or reading about climbing….haha. Well, maybe not all the time. I enjoy walking the dog, cooking/eating, sometimes getting out on the water wakeboarding, watching Manchester United and the English Premier Football League and of course…..working.

What are your climbing goals?

I would like to be able to boulder v6/7, climb 8a and trad E1



One thought on “TEAMgirlcrushrock Athlete Bio: Maddie Stocks

  1. Hi I really admir your skill. I’m not a climber but one of my work mate was an avid climber and during our lunch break (outside cos it was a sunny day) he made a comment about climbing up the factory stone and brick walk, I pulled his leg and wind him up and we had a bit of fun at his expense. Next day at lunch time he put on his shoe for climbing and without saying a word ‘just started to climb the building without using rope ar climbing tackle. Since then I have had the greatest respect for climber like him and yourself.
    I am a friend of Libby Raga and saw your link on her FB
    Well done and good luck on you future ventures.

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