TEAMgirlcrushrock NEWS: Hannah’s crushing it in the Tri-Service Bouldering League!

womens+rock+climbing+clothingwomens+rock+climbing+clothing© Thomas Moulder

All members of TEAMgirlcrushrock hold down full time day jobs as well as managing their climbing crush.  We say to that…. R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Our girl Hannah somehow manages to be a squaddie in the British Army, a student studying for a degree and still finds time for her girl crush for climbing!  Recently, she took part in the second round of the Tri-Service Bouldering League – where peeps from the army, navy and RAF get together to see who’s hang tough enough!

There are 99 in total bad ass girls and guys taking part, in the category of women’s open, there are 14 girls.  Take a look at Hannah’s (Beresford) score…. she currently sits in 5th spot in spite of the fact she didn’t even attend round 1! She got the highest score in round 2 by a long stretch!  The scores are calculated by your top 3 round scores, comps coming up are in Bristol and Glasgow.  She’s gonna go to Glasgow.  Fingers crossed she can attend 1 more after than and if so she has a very good chance of being placed 1st!

We will follow Hannah as she crushes it military style!  Goooood Luck Craftsman Beresford!  girlcrushrock is 100% behind you!


womens+rock+climbing+clothing© Thomas Moulder


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