Sarah Wolfe: YOU ROCK!


girlcrushrock is hyper-psyched to introduce you to our brand new feature the you rock series!

We all love to keep up to date with the pro’s who are doing their thing to push this super-sport to new levels, they provide us with the motivation and inspiration to challenge ourselves further.  The truth is, however that the  girls who get to  live life as a full time climber, sponsored by the world’s best brands and traveling constantly to far flung corners of the earth on voyages of crag discovery are in the minority.

Most of us are managing full time jobs, or busy raising families, or even both! In addition to that women all over the world of all ages, shapes and sizes are climbing when we can (and it never feels like enough!) chasing the weather to get our weekend fix, rocking up to the local climbing gym with friends straight from the office, taking our little nippers for their climbing lesson after school….  Every second, of every day, everywhere there are ‘ordinary’ women doing ‘extra-ordinary’ things out there clipping bolts, plugging cams, stacking pads or crushing ice.

And that, is precisely what the girlcrushrock you rock series is all about.  We bring to you new friends to connect with, women you can relate to, girls you can share your climbing stories and experiences with.  Because each and every one of you out there rocks!

We’d love to include you in this series, if you are interested, please get in touch with us by emailing us at

Now, the first special lady we bring you, all the way from Durham, North Carolina in the United States of America is…………………….Sarah Wolfe! Click below to meet Sarah.

Sarah’s 42 years old.  She didn’t find climbing till she was 34. “It has been a life-changing experience, from the awareness of body to the boost of self-trust, from the benefit of balance to the opportunity to spend more time outdoors in beautiful places, and from meeting some of the most amazing people in my life to testing the limits of my mental and physical capabilities.”  

Sarah had tried many other sports, persuits and activities in her past, yet nothing had quite captured her the same way that climbing did.  (Odd’s are that you are nodding in agreement here, are we right!?)Climbing is the first sport that has kept my engagement over the long haul – constantly puzzling, finding new routes, making new friends, discovering new places, digging deeper.  My evolution has been perhaps typical – moving from toproping to bouldering to sport climbing/leading then to trad climbing/leading.”


Sarah’s open her mind to a number of beautiful variations of the sport, yielding her biggest sense of fulfillment from traditional… “what I love doing more than anything is multi-pitch trad – a full day of focus on one climb, exploring the length and breadth of one crack or set of cracks in the rock and testing my endurance, spending some intense one-on-one time with a climbing partner and watching the horizon and scenery from sunrise to sunset.  Unfortunately, I don’t often get to do that, but in the interim, I spend weekends at the plethora of climbing destinations here in North Carolina and nearby at New River Gorge.”

She’s a busy, busy lady.  In addition to climbing herself, she teaches climbing at her local gym, Triangle Rock Club, and takes newbies out for their first taste of real rock in Pilot Mountain State Park.  And there’s more!  She also developed a Sunday Stone Series at her gym – programs that focus on climbing in North Carolina including; On the Rocks: Climbing Geology, Access & Advocacy, Fresh Film Features, Stonemasters of North Carolina…and this is only half her world!  The other half see’s her working in the arts, planning and executing visual and performing arts events and programs, singing in and serving on the board of Choral Society of Durham and volunteering for a local no-commission art gallery.


Sarah’s waiting to be inspired by reading about you “…I would love to see more everyday women featured here on girlcrushrock.  I’d love to see more older climbers, whether just getting into climbing or those that have been climbing for decades.  Always inspirational!”

Great job Sarah, girlcrushrock salutes you! keep on crushing it and thank you for stepping up to be the first very special lady in the girlcrushrock you rock series!


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