Up and Running


Running has never really interested me before.  It’s always been a means to an end, to get a ball of some description into, or over a net of another description.

Years ago, when my friend tried to talk me into joining her running club, I humored her “sure I’ll give it a try” I said, but what I was really saying was “I have no intention of running with you, I think you’re weird, runners are weird, I don’t understand you, all of you – thanks, but a big fat no thanks!”

My only experience to draw from, of running an official 10km race back in 2008 had yielded 2 of the biggest blisters I’d ever seen, let alone grown myself – hence, I didn’t do running.  Here’s some of the things you may have heard me say from time to time throughout my life until very recently:

  1. I hate running
  2. It’s boring
  3. It’s bad for your joints
  4. I’ve got the wrong body shape
  5. I’ve got flat feet

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Hanging Out with Noura El-Imam

hanging out with Noura El-Imam

In a bid to bring you some serious climbing ‘zen’, girlcrushrock recently spent time hanging out with the super-cool Noura El-Imam, a Yoga & Pilates teacher, a rock climbing adventurist, outdoor enthusiast, a food fanatic, a travel-addict and entrepreneur at heart.

WHOOSH – how does she fit all of that in???

In between various seemingly impossible poses and balances, here’s what she had to say…
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