Rockstar Interview: Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

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Mina is out there crushing with the best of them as part of the British Bouldering Team.  She’s dedicated her life to her love of the sport and still at 25, she’s managed to rack up 17 years of climbing experience!   She recently climbed a classic sport route called Mecca, the mid life crisis at Ravens Tor in the UK.  Get this girls… the route is graded at F8b+.  Whoooosh!  That makes Mina the first ever British female climber to climb at that grade in Britain, and the second British female to climb that grade anywhere in the world.  At this point she could hang up her boots and be more than satisfied with her self, but this girl has more drive than a Formula 1 car – she’s a woman on a mission to explore, experience and grow as both a climber and a person.  She was rained off for a few days on a recent trip to Yosemite unfortunately.  Yet alas!  Here was our chance to hang and swing with Mina for a few mins….

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Rockstar Interview: Tori Allen


Sometimes it’s hard to relate to professional athletes when you are not one yourself.  When you’re sat behind your desks, dreaming of being in the mountains or down at the climbing gym, the lucky few are out there crushing it all day, every day.  Equally, for pro rockstars -the thought alone of earning a living any other way might be too horrifying to even consider for a second.

Tori Allen was just 14 years old when she grabbed Gold in the Speed Climbing Category at the X-Games, in 2002. Fast forward to 2012, where girlcrushrock was honored to hang out with the wonderfully humble, and incredibly inspiring Tori, who has experienced more in the last 10 years than others have in a lifetime – and we’re not just taking about her climbing.

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Rockstar interview: Sierra Blair-Coyle

Sierra Blair-Coyle is HOT HOT HOT on the climbing scene right now. She’s in TEAM USA, has a string of successful competitive, international performances under her belt, sponsors falling over themselves to work with her, she’s studying for a degree, she’s super-good looking and wait for it…she’s still only 18 – so she’s got it all ahead of her!

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