TEAMgirlcrushrock NEWS: Hannah’s crushing it in the Tri-Service Bouldering League!

womens+rock+climbing+clothingwomens+rock+climbing+clothing© Thomas Moulder

All members of TEAMgirlcrushrock hold down full time day jobs as well as managing their climbing crush.  We say to that…. R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Our girl Hannah somehow manages to be a squaddie in the British Army, a student studying for a degree and still finds time for her girl crush for climbing!  Recently, she took part in the second round of the Tri-Service Bouldering League – where peeps from the army, navy and RAF get together to see who’s hang tough enough! Continue reading


TEAMgirlcrushrock Athlete Bio: Maddie Stocks

womens+rock+climbing+clothingwomens+rock+climbing+clothing© Rachael Garnerwomens+rock+climbing+clothing


Tell us what climbing means to you?

Climbing has become one of the most important things in my life. I value it in many ways. I enjoy the social aspect and I love how easily through the common ground I can connect with different people and make lasting friendships. One of my favourite things about climbing is the fact that you can explore and travel to amazing places in the world. I love how it challenges me physically and mentally and it is something I can really channel my energy into. I can forget about the pressures and stresses of life when I am climbing, whether I’m on real rock or crushing plastic.
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TEAMgirlcrushrock Athlete Bio: Samantha Cole

womens+rock+climbing+cothing© Jeff Cole

Tell us what climbing means to you?

While lying on a bamboo rug in an upstairs apartment in Kutching, Malaysia, I had a tattoo slowly engraved into the back of my neck with two bamboo sticks and a needle. The center is an eggplant flower. The artist who put this on me was Iban and in his tribe it means patience. The words surrounding the flower say ‘climb higher’ in Arabic representing an area that I was fortunate enough to enjoy many climbs in. Climbing has taught me patience, focus, and has allowed me to be happy in the simple moments of just touching the rock. Continue reading

2 girls in Ton Sai -Thailand

In August this year we headed off for a girlcrushrock trip to Ton Sai, Thailand.  We’d saved up all our holiday allowance to give us a full 3 weeks climbing.  It was hard working every day without a break from January to August – but in comparison others less fortunate than us, there really isn’t anything to complain about.

Why Thailand? We’ve got some sort of unconscious obsession with the place between us, we’ve been there six times in as many years! And why Ton Sai? Because we knew that it is one of the most magical places to climb on this planet – where the jungle meets the ocean and the mountains are so beautiful, its almost too painful to look! Continue reading