TEAMgirlcrushrock Athlete Bio: Maddie Stocks

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Tell us what climbing means to you?

Climbing has become one of the most important things in my life. I value it in many ways. I enjoy the social aspect and I love how easily through the common ground I can connect with different people and make lasting friendships. One of my favourite things about climbing is the fact that you can explore and travel to amazing places in the world. I love how it challenges me physically and mentally and it is something I can really channel my energy into. I can forget about the pressures and stresses of life when I am climbing, whether I’m on real rock or crushing plastic.
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Hanging Out with Noura El-Imam

hanging out with Noura El-Imam

In a bid to bring you some serious climbing ‘zen’, girlcrushrock recently spent time hanging out with the super-cool Noura El-Imam, a Yoga & Pilates teacher, a rock climbing adventurist, outdoor enthusiast, a food fanatic, a travel-addict and entrepreneur at heart.

WHOOSH – how does she fit all of that in???

In between various seemingly impossible poses and balances, here’s what she had to say…
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