TEAMgirlcrushrock Athlete Bio: Hannah Beresford


You’ve been climbing for a long time. How did it all begin for you?

I went to Legoland when I was about ten and had to be pretty much dragged away from the climbing tower there so my mum sent me to our local bouldering wall. I’m lucky really because I grew up on a fairly remote farm but the local village had a council run wall called Upper Limits. It was very basic but I loved  the place and I was always there when from then on.  I ended up coaching the kids team there of whom some were very successful in competitions at national level.  We’d also go to train at Sheffield or Manchester and on rock when the weather was nice. Upper Limits has now been moved and they’re trying to shut it down.
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TEAMgirlcrushrock Athlete Bio: Jitka Kochanek

© Lara Masselos

Tell us what climbing means to you?

As I write this section I am on a massive climbing high from getting on the hardest route I’ve ever tried two days ago (a particularly hard, bouldery, overhanging, beautiful 7b/+) so my feelings below are a summary of this experience.

Climbing is many things to me. It is about the challenge, overcoming hard moves by working out a sequence that works for my short body. It is about the days when I am ‘in the zone’ and move freely and gracefully over the rock. It is about getting strong, feeling strong and encouraging other girls around me to realize their own full potential. It is about the adventure, overcoming fear and sharing a truly unique experience with awesome, interesting people in many beautiful locations. My heroes in climbing are usually women – Lynn Hill, of course, since she is the same height as me but was the first woman to climb 8b and 8b+, and freed The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite. My local heroes are the strong women who climb hard but are humble and always willing to give beta, advice and encouragement (Vicky Moses, Lara Masselos, Lindsay Raynor, Izzie, Nova, Susy-G). Continue reading

TEAMgirlcrushrock Athlete Bio: Samantha Cole

womens+rock+climbing+cothing© Jeff Cole

Tell us what climbing means to you?

While lying on a bamboo rug in an upstairs apartment in Kutching, Malaysia, I had a tattoo slowly engraved into the back of my neck with two bamboo sticks and a needle. The center is an eggplant flower. The artist who put this on me was Iban and in his tribe it means patience. The words surrounding the flower say ‘climb higher’ in Arabic representing an area that I was fortunate enough to enjoy many climbs in. Climbing has taught me patience, focus, and has allowed me to be happy in the simple moments of just touching the rock. Continue reading

Up and Running


Running has never really interested me before.  It’s always been a means to an end, to get a ball of some description into, or over a net of another description.

Years ago, when my friend tried to talk me into joining her running club, I humored her “sure I’ll give it a try” I said, but what I was really saying was “I have no intention of running with you, I think you’re weird, runners are weird, I don’t understand you, all of you – thanks, but a big fat no thanks!”

My only experience to draw from, of running an official 10km race back in 2008 had yielded 2 of the biggest blisters I’d ever seen, let alone grown myself – hence, I didn’t do running.  Here’s some of the things you may have heard me say from time to time throughout my life until very recently:

  1. I hate running
  2. It’s boring
  3. It’s bad for your joints
  4. I’ve got the wrong body shape
  5. I’ve got flat feet

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Rockstar interview: Sierra Blair-Coyle

Sierra Blair-Coyle is HOT HOT HOT on the climbing scene right now. She’s in TEAM USA, has a string of successful competitive, international performances under her belt, sponsors falling over themselves to work with her, she’s studying for a degree, she’s super-good looking and wait for it…she’s still only 18 – so she’s got it all ahead of her!

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2 girls in Ton Sai -Thailand

In August this year we headed off for a girlcrushrock trip to Ton Sai, Thailand.  We’d saved up all our holiday allowance to give us a full 3 weeks climbing.  It was hard working every day without a break from January to August – but in comparison others less fortunate than us, there really isn’t anything to complain about.

Why Thailand? We’ve got some sort of unconscious obsession with the place between us, we’ve been there six times in as many years! And why Ton Sai? Because we knew that it is one of the most magical places to climb on this planet – where the jungle meets the ocean and the mountains are so beautiful, its almost too painful to look! Continue reading

Hanging Out with Noura El-Imam

hanging out with Noura El-Imam

In a bid to bring you some serious climbing ‘zen’, girlcrushrock recently spent time hanging out with the super-cool Noura El-Imam, a Yoga & Pilates teacher, a rock climbing adventurist, outdoor enthusiast, a food fanatic, a travel-addict and entrepreneur at heart.

WHOOSH – how does she fit all of that in???

In between various seemingly impossible poses and balances, here’s what she had to say…
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Petzl – Selena Harness Review by Maddie Stocks September 2012


On a recent trip to Thailand I took Petzl’s Selena Harness. Having tried it on at home I was happy with the initial sizing, but wary that it might not be comfortable enough for 3 weeks of constant sport climbing, I packed my old trusty too…just in case. After climbing for a few days and once I had blown away the cobwebs, I pulled it out of the bag and took it with me to a crag that had some short pumpy routes. I hadn’t had time to read any reviews of the harness before I left, so I had no idea if it was designed for sport/trad/big walls or how long it had been around for. I was excited to try it out.


Testing the Selena on ‘Lars and Lars’ F7a
© Rachael Garner

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Hello world!

Welcome to girlcrushrock’s official blog and first post! Born in 2012 our mission is to support and celebrate women all over the world that love to climb! Because rock climbing is not just a sport… it’s a lifestyle, a passion, it’s something you crave – a crush! We’d love for you to follow us…